fineish jewellery

Fineish jewel rings – iron, 18K yellow gold

Pretty Ornamented Heirloom ring – iron, lapis, 18 karat gold

Claddagh ring – iron, glass enamel

Horsesgoe ring – iron, silver

Fineish Jewel ring – iron, peridot, 18K gold

Grab Gold ring – iron, 18 karat fold

Infinity ring – iron, electrum

Infinity ring, iron, silver

Rosone Pendant – iron, 18K gold, diamond. The diamond is 0.8 carat (6 mm in diameter) The diameter of the pendant is approx 29 mm, it weights 15.9 gramms. It is a custom order for a dear friend. “Rosone” is the Italian name for “rose window”.

Bocchino e Soffocone ring – iron, silver, 18 K gold

Cocktail ring – steel, silver, copper

Cocktail ring in progress – steel, silver, copper

Buckle ring – iron, silver – because I am excited about cliches and common places. Fineish jewellery series
The buckle ring came in fashion in the a Victorian and Edwardian times to symbolize strength, fidelity, eternity and staff like that. It gained international success in fine jewellery, peasant jewellery, commercial and trash jewellery.

Heart ring – silver, lead

Ring - iron, garnet, silver(rivets).

Trinity ring - iron, labradorite, garnet

Bold ring - iron, 18 karat gold, garnet